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Development Project Dynamics Module

This module is used to analyse the dynamics of work conducted in one phase of a development project. By way of example, it focuses on the first phase of a software development project in which software coded modules are written and tested. A number of such tasks have to be completed by trained staff with prescribed tools and procedures, and the task completion rate depends on staff available and the average time to complete each task.
     Working on any task unfortunately creates defects in the code, which then have to be identified and rectified. As tasks are completed they pass through an inspection processes. Regardless of the inspection effort applied, a number of defects will go undetected. The application of effort to inspection determines the rate at which the need to make changes is discovered. Tasks to be rectified are set aside awaiting rectification. Those allocated to rectification work are drawn from the same pool as the programmers who originally worked to write the code. When rectification is completed, tasks are held temporarily pending approval. This approval process takes tasks that have been checked and approves them for subsequent release to the next phase of the project.
     Typical projects contain multiple phases. To build a model of a multi-phase project, this module can be copied with each copy used to represent the phases.
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