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Delayed Irreversible (Transitional) Flow

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Delayed Irreversible (Transitional) Flow

In this module which has component parts and functionality similar to Delayed Inflow, we are concerned about the flows from one stock (or level) to another stock (or level). This module would be used to describe the physical change of state of a continuously flowing resource or of individual items. This could occur as the result of some processing action.
     Both Sterman (2000: 464-5) and Coyle (1996: 98-108) caution us that when building system dynamics models we need to be very clear exactly the type of delay mechanism operates. In first order delays, the stock of material in transit are perfectly mixed at all times, meaning that outputs from DELAY CONTENTS are in random order with respect to their input. In higher order delays material is output in the same order as they are input; the order depends on the number of process stages involved.
     The description of the module is at
     The module coded in Powersim Studio is at .


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