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Sterman (2000: 239) creates a challenge to students to solve a simple stock and flow problem using graphical integration.  In that problem there is a single stock with a single inflow and a single outflow and the initial value of stock is 100 units.  To confirm the answer produced using graphical integration, the Simple Bathtub Dynamics model can be used to demonstrate that the correct answer has been obtained.  Alternate inflow and outflow and initial values of stock can be created and tested, using the basic structure of the model provided.

Reference:  Sterman, J.D., 2000, ‘Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modelling for a Complex World’, Irwin McGraw-Hill.

The construction of the ‘Simple Bathtub Dynamics’ model is described at .

A Powersim™ Studio representation of the ‘Simple Bathtub Dynamics’ model is at .