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This section contains a selection of models developed by various students, teachers, researchers and consultants to depict the dynamics of specific problem situations.  The models have been developed to demonstrate specific dynamic hypotheses.  Such models are highly valuable to aid learning and to demonstrate what these important contributors have done in the system dynamics field. 

In many cases the original models were developed in modelling languages no longer widely used, or using unfamiliar software applications.  In those cases the aim has been to convert models directly to Powersim™ Studio.  Unfortunately, adaptation or modification of original models might have been necessary because of incomplete code listings, or to depict graphically what it is believed the original author set out to explain.

None of the models contained in this section are claimed to be the work of any person other than the original author.  In each case the work of the original author is cited. 

Selected models have been developed ab initio, based on problems described by authors or teachers.

System Dynamics Models from Literature are described in the summaries that follow.



Business Cycle Dynamics

Fish Banks

Predator-Prey Models

Simple Bathtub Dynamics