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What is the meaning of Parameters?

Parameters are factors that define an alternative and determine its behaviour. The value to which parameters are set restrict what results are possible to achieve within an alternative (Sage and Rouse, 1999: 938). Parameter, as used in this book, means a determining characteristic, feature, or prominent factor. It is closely related to the mathematical definition of a parameter as a special variable because a parameter is a controllable factor that has a main role in determining the basic form and function of an alternative. This is like a parameter in a mathematical function or statistical distribution because the value to which a mathematical or statistical parameter is set determines the specific form of the function or the shape of the distribution.

Books Related to Parameters

Richard Aster, Brian Borchers and Clifford Thurber, "Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems (International Geophysics)".
     —More information on Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems (International Geophysics)

Sidney William Benson, "Thermochemical Kinetics: Methods for the Estimation of Thermochemical Data and Rate Parameters, 2nd Ed.".
     —More information on Thermochemical Kinetics: Methods for the Estimation of Thermochemical Data and Rate Parameters, 2nd Ed.


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