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What is the meaning of Naturalistic Decision-Making?

Naturalistic decision-making was formulated by Klein et al (1993) to explain how decision-makers formulate decisions. Kleinís naturalistic decision-making model is based on extensive field work and differs from a decision event model in the following ways:

  • much effort is devoted to situation assessment or figuring our the nature of the problem;

  • single options are evaluated sequentially through mental simulation of outcomes; and

  • options are accepted if they are satisfactory, rather than optimal.
  • Books Related to Naturalistic Decision-Making

    Eduardo Salas, Gary Klein, Gary A. Klein and NATURALISTIC DECISION MAKING CONFERENCE, "Linking Expertise and Naturalistic Decision Making (Expertise: Research and Applications (Hardcover))".
         —More information on Linking Expertise and Naturalistic Decision Making (Expertise: Research and Applications (Hardcover))

    Ohio) Naturalistic Decision Making Conference 1994 (Dayton, Caroline E. Zsambok, Gary Klein and Gary A. Klein, "Naturalistic Decision Making (Expertise-Research and Applications)".
         —More information on Naturalistic Decision Making (Expertise-Research and Applications)

    Other topics in our resources on System Dynamics related to Naturalistic Decision-Making include: 
  • decision event model of decision making

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