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Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott and William M. Snyder, "Cultivating Communities of Practice", Harvard Business School Press, 15 March, 2002.

ISBN: 1578513308

From the time our ancestors lived in caves to that day in the late '80s when Chrysler sanctioned unofficial "tech clubs" to promote the flow of information between teams working on different vehicle platforms, bands of like-minded individuals had been gathering in a wide variety of settings to recount their experiences and share their expertise. Few paid much attention until a number of possible benefits to business were identified, but many are watching more closely now that definitive links have been established. In Cultivating Communities of Practice, consultants Etienne C. Wenger, Richard McDermott, and William Snyder take the concept to another level by describing how these groups might be purposely developed as a key driver of organizational performance in the knowledge age. Building on a 1998 book by Wenger that framed the theory for an academic audience, Cultivating Communities of Practice targets practitioners with pragmatic advice based on the accumulating track records of firms such as the World Bank, Shell Oil, and McKinsey & Company. Starting with a detailed explanation of what these groups really are and why they can prove so useful in managing knowledge within an organization, the authors discuss development from initial design through subsequent evolution. They also address the potential "dark side"--arrogance, cliquishness, rigidity, and fragmentation among participants, for example--as well as measurement issues and the challenges inherent in initiating these groups company-wide. --Howard Rothman

Other subject areas related to Cultivating Communities of Practice (possibly beyond the scope of this System Dynamics Glossary) include: Business / Economics / Finance, Corporate & Business History - Strategies, Information Management, Knowledge management, Organizational learning, Philosophy, Reference, Strategic Planning.

Related topics include: Knowledge, Learning, Concept, Corporate Planning

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