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Simultech Pty Ltd is a company that delivers professional consulting services in the information technology (IT) business sector to a variety of government departments and industry. Recent growth in the government sector has led Simultechís executives to give priority to government work in preference to work in industry. Industry work has generally been focused on shorter-term tasks. Government work tends to be longer term. Simultech is now looking to expand its government work, and the prospect of an expansion of government outsourcing suggests that this is a most viable way ahead.
     This case study analyses the problem and what drives the dynamics which cause the Simultech executives so many problems.
     The background to the career-succession problem Simultech faces is described at .
     The Simultech problem is explained in more detail at .
     The construction of the Simultech Human Resources Management model is described at .
     A Powersim Studio representation of the Simultech Human Resources Management model is at .
     A demonstration of the Simultech Human Resources Management model is at SimultechSuccessSim291105.sip.


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