System Dynamics Applications

System Dynamics Applications

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Welcome to the Argos Press System Dynamics Applications site.

This site supports the book System Dynamics Applications by Alan McLucas.

Subscribers will have access to:

  • pitfalls and pointers (tips and FAQs) for the development of real-world models
  • Powersim code modules for common system dynamics applications
  • case studies on system dynamics modelling with supporting models
  • other modelling resources such as a bibliography and glossary

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NEW!  Information on the Simultech problem from the International System Dynamics Conference (Boston, 2005):

Accessing Run-time Simulations Posted on the Website

Powersim™ Studio 2005 Player, which is provided free of charge by Powersim™ Software AS, opens .sip presentation files posted on the System Dynamics Applications website.  Powersim™ Studio 2005 Player is readily downloaded via the Internet:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to the Powersim™ website and follow the prompts.  Alternatively, go directly to the Powersim™ Studio 2005 Player download site using the hyperlink:
  3. Download the Powersim™ Studio 2005 Player.
  4. Before you can activate the Powersim™ Studio 2005 Player software, Powersim™ Software AS will send you a unique licence number via email.  When you receive your licence number you will be able to activate the Powersim™ Studio 2005 Player.
  5. Open the required .sip file, and run the simulation.